“Is it Worth it?”

2004, oil on linen

22 x 13 inches

“The Poet in His kitchen”


oil on linen

“Pier 48 Revisited”

1988, oil on linen

52 x 36 inches

“Le Politicien”


oil on linen

“Bach’s Suite #3 For Cello Solo”


oil on linen

“Sea Battle”


oil on linen

26 x 30 inches

“Clown on The Wire”


oil on gesso panel

7 x 5 inches



oil on linen

60 x 42 inches

“Spinning Their Wheels”


oil on linen

24 x 26 inches

“Motel Exterior: He”

1975, oil on linen

39 x 29 inches

“Motel Interior: She”

1975, oil on linen



oil on linen

20 x 18 inches

“Pier 48”

1988, oil on linen


“Two On The Wheel”


oil on panel

10 x 8 inches

“Blindfolded – Study”


watercolor & gouache on paper

5 x 3-1/2 inches


1993, oil on linen

21 x 18 inches


An acute observer of the human condition, John Dobbs’s subject matter ranges from transportation themes, architectural depictions of the urban landscape, poolside vignettes, and dreamlike portraits and interiors. Dobbs utilizes hazy impressions and sensitive light patterns bringing his story to the canvas. Basically a self-taught artist, his classical technique reflects the influences of Jack Levine, Edwin Dickinson, Ben Shahn, and the German Expressionists.

Dobbs, a native of Nutley, New Jersey who grew up in Boston and Washington D.C., is a member of the National Academy of Design and retired Professor of Art at John Jay College, City University of New York. He has had solo exhibitions at various museums, universities and galleries. Among the many private collections are the Joseph Hirshhorn in Washington D.C., the Roy Neuberger in Purchase, N.Y., and the Shure Family Collection in
Chicago, Ill. He has been featured in group shows at the Museum of Modern Art, the American Academy of Art
and Letters, the Whitney Museum in New York, the Butler Institute of American Art in Ohio, and the Salon Populiste
in Paris, France.